At Connect Students we are cultivating a family that loves deeply and is passionately pursuing an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ together. With the understanding that everyone is significant in the eyes of God, and that we are all designed with a distinct calling and destiny, we aspire to discover the gifts and talents in each other with the intention of impacting our world for the glory of God. Emphasizing the Word of God and the Person of Jesus Christ, through the Presence of the Holy Spirit, we seek to create an engaging and empowering atmosphere that will lend itself to experiential encounters with The Living God.

Our goal is to help students to navigate through the perilous culture in which they find themselves. As treacherous a journey as it may be, Connect Students will be equipped, empowered and encouraged to lead courageous lives that will ultimately impact their world for eternity.

With our time together, we strive to connect our students to the “Four C’s”

Christ – Jesus is the center and connector in everything we do

Campus – Students will engage their Campus with the hope of Christ

Community – We will see our Community be unified by the body of Christ, ultimately changing our…

Culture – The spiritual climate of our Culture will shift when Christ becomes the epicenter of change

Connect Students is for 6th-12th graders and meets every Sunday night at 6:30 in the youth room.

Have a question or want to serve on the team?

If you have a question about Connect Students or have a desire to serve, we would love to connect with you! If you’re interested, please fill out the form below and someone from our staff will reach out with your next steps.


Trey Reynolds
Students Pastor